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Museek+ (or Museek-Plus) is a program-suite for the C++ museek daemon, a Soulseek/Soulfind P2P client. It includes the QT GUI, Museeq, and the Python/Curses TUI, Mucous. It supports chat, transferring files, searching, user-management shares browsing and more.

Museek+ is a fork of Hyriand's original Museek.

Museek+ is enhanced with new features, such as room searching, Interests, and Buddy-only shares. There are quite a few UI changes to Museeq. You can learn about the other New Features at the Wiki

You should compile Museek-Plus with the version of Scons included in the tarball since newer versions of Scons do not always compile Museek correctly, if they compile at all.

The Museek FAQ has some useful hints on compiling Museek.

The Museek Guide explains how to configure and use Museek once it has been installed.

The Museek-Plus Wiki & Trac & Subversion Repository has more information about Museek+. (provided by Le_Vert)


Released: August 25th 2007
  • CMake, qmake, SCons and Python's distutils
  • RECOMMENDED: cmake
  • CMake compiles and installs everything. Read the INSTALL files for details.
  • qmake compiles just museeq. Read museeq/INSTALL
  • You can install the python bindings, apps, and clients with distutils. Run "python install" in each python sub-directory
  • SCons is still available, but not recommended. Read INSTALL.scons
  • Ignore SIGPIPE (to prevent crashes on BSDs)
  • Catch std::bad_alloc when unpacking a network message.
  • Always get IP from server, when requested
  • Autoretry downloads
  • Syslog support
  • Watch trusted users' status
  • Settings revamped
  • Shares configuration added to Settings
  • Added Audacioous to NowPlaying QSA script
  • Added colors to transfers' status column
  • Setup revamped
  • Many, many bugfixes
  • Implemented a few more unfinished options
  • The basic features are here, enough for inclusion in this release.


Released: October 21th 2006
Download Museek+ 0.1.12 Source

  • Fixed museekd not reacting on connect mode changes during run-time (hyriand)
  • Fixed the clear-initiating-transfer that causes a delayed crash (hyriand)
  • Character unpacking checks (fixes corrupted message crashes) (hyriand)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: the CFLAGS variable is now a String instead of List, your will need to be modified or erased to allow SCons to run correctly. Not doing so will result in SCons failing at the first compile-test.
  • Change the way the IP Address string is created to fix endian bug (hyriand)
  • New SCons variable LOCKFLAGS disables SCons' automatic flag adding
  • Replaced depreciated call to Send Speed (34) on download completion with Send Upload Speed (121) on upload completion. (daelstorm)
  • Check for read/write permissions to config file before loading (daelstorm)
  • Added Global message (66) handler, and pass it to the clients (daelstorm)
  • Removed disconnect-on-hangup-signal (caused a loop)
  • Client message 'Download file to a directory' added (daelstorm)
  • Sends a Museek Daemon version message to clients on connection (daelstorm)
  • Sends the number of privileged users to clients on Server Login (daelstorm)
  • Ignore .dotfiles and .dotdirs/
  • Removing trailing /s for shared directories
  • Fixed crash when disconnecting while still connecting to museekd by using "mSocket->deleteLater()" instead of "delete mSocket" (hyriand)
  • Fixed method of creating UNIX socket (hyriand)
  • Check option in settings to toggle display of exit dialog
  • Added nick's transfer list color patch transfers are now different colors, depending upon their state.
  • Added MUSEEQTRAYICON scons option to enable/disable trayicon at buildtime.
  • Moved Trayicon into Museeq class, made it change with away status and added menu option to toggle it.
  • Added /commands to private chat
  • Autoconnect to daemon option added
  • IP addresses can now be viewed in the log window
  • Updated Italian translation (requiem)
  • Updated Polish translation (belegdol)
  • Scons tries more than one method to detect PyGTK
  • Browse Shares now has expandable/collapsable directories and resizeable windows. There are some other UI improvements, as well.
  • Added /me and status colors to Private chat
  • Rewrote tab completion
  • Case-insensitive sorting
  • Refactored / Renamed lots of functions
  • Killed dozens of memory leaks
  • Removed vertical borders from private chat and rooms
  • Added scrolling ticker to chat rooms
  • Improved the Transfers colors and use vertical lines instead of pipes
  • Fixed some broken config options
  • Simplified creation of setup widgets
  • Setup's control over muscan is slightly better, attempts to detect museekd config, to better scan correct shares databases.
  • Hundreds of minor changes


Released: July 7th 2006
Download Museek+ 0.1.11 Source

  • Readded the server ping, but change the delay between them from 15 to 45 seconds to reduce load on the server and to not get banned when too many messages get sent :).
  • Fixed the minPort == maxPort bug and maxPort > minPort bug, for peer connections. Previously, it'd skip the port listen attempt entirely. Now it tries the listen on minPort (if they equal) or on maxPort (if it's smaller than minport) and then gives up if it fails.
  • SCons can now set CCFLAGS with the CFLAGS list option
  • Enable or disable installation of musetup-gtk with Scons bool option: MUSETUPGTK
  • Choose which translations to install with MUSEEQTRANSLATIONS Scons list option. (New translations may require modification to the SConstruct file)
  • Try to logout when shutting down museekd
  • Added Timestamp toggle menu item to the Settings menu
  • Made user status appear in Private Chat such as * user is away and * user is offline
  • Ported all .ui dialogs to cpp
  • Added encodings comboboxes to settings dialog, as well as making the password dialog protected with **** symbols.
  • Added MuseeqTranslationSupport
  • Le_Vert translated museeq into French
  • Requiem translated museeq into Italian
  • Belegdol translated museeq into Polish
  • SyphiliticVagina translated museeq into Spanish
  • () translated museeq into German
  • Senhor_das_Moscas translated museeq into Brazilian Portuguese
  • Added more icons (ip, comments, alert, and small-icons for: browse, userinfo, search, chatrooms, privatechat )
  • Added two of mike-labo's museeq icon themes mikelabo-silk and mikelabo-tri
  • Version bumped to 0.8.2
  • New commands: /autoclear, /autoretry, /beep, /trustlist
  • Add trusted users list to Users mode
  • Make mucous behave better when not connected to a museekd.
  • Reorganize parts of setup mode, add new options for buddy-only shares, etc.
  • Add timestamps to Status Messages, bugfixes for browse mode, topbar variables merged into the new storage method
  • Try a little harder to find the template, if not run from /usr
  • More description on how to add the download directory.
  • Created a new PyGTK settings tool. Musetup is now redundant for users who have X on their museek+ computer


Released: May 29th 2006
Download Museek+ 0.1.10 Source

  • Added WishList Searching from Client Interfaces, but no timer, yet. ( IWishListSearch )
  • Added per-user search interface ( IUserSearch )
  • New Status Messages: Browse requests, browse refusals, userinfo requests, transfer finishing.
  • Ported ConnectDialog from designer ui to pure C++ code, to get around the annoying widget-cropping.
  • Added TrayIcon
  • Fixed sending empty Private Message
  • Moved Museeq's Default Icon theme to default/ subdir
  • Added Save password Checkbox to ConnectDialog in museeq
  • Added Start Daemon, Stop Daemon, and Config Selector buttons, and Auto-Start Daemon checkbox to ConnectDialog in museeq
  • Page Up/Page Down/arrows chat log scrolling in museeq (requested by y00sah)
  • New Status messages in Log Window and Online-alert messages (requested by chs_kasper)
  • Option in the config for automated messages (requested by lartza)
  • Finished Interests and recommendations
  • Made Room Status log scrollable
  • Rewrote Scrolling variables (each mode/window has it's own scroll counter, now)
  • Rewrote much of the way internal data and variables are stored
  • Added /autoaway toggle
  • Added /searchuser <user> option for User Searches (Alt-T in search)
  • Yanked a lot of dead code
  • Fixed the input-disappearing bug (happened on PM messages)
  • Fixed some config options not getting saved
  • Typo fixes in scrolling
  • User lists fixes
rhwinter's script is a great tool for importing settings from nicotine into museek.
SeeSchloss' museek & mulog init.d scripts for Gentoo.
Build Scripts
Binary Packages
QSA is an enhancement for Museeq. It allows scripting (such as Now-Playing scripts), and customizable menu items.
Info on how to get museek to build with QSA can be found in the FAQ.

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